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How the CNAP service works

All of our fees are a “one-time fee” and include:

  • Submitting resumes of at least three CNA’s
  • Background check
  • Licensed and bonded candidates
  • Personal interview with client
  • Recommended compensation packages
  • 3-week trial period
  • Replacement candidates, at client’s request

We also will provide a spreadsheet for the client’s review.  This spreadsheet will demonstrate to a client the benefit of a one-time fee compared with an ongoing middle person fee.

Our process begins with a phone consultation, followed by an in-home consultation where we discuss your situation and needs and assess who would be the best person to accommodate your unique situation. The in-home consultation requires a retainer fee of $300, which is non-refundable.  The retainer is applied towards the one-time fee charged and is deducted from your placement fee.

Please complete the form below for a telephone interview.

CNAP New Client Form